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Quality Services Have Built Our Reputation!

For over three decades, we have been providing the Mid-Ohio Valley with quality lawn care. We pride ourselves in having the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the business and our reputation for reliability is one you can depend on. Thank you for visiting our website and please let us know what we can do to better serve you!


The Ameriturf Lawn Care Program starts with a free Lawn Analysis. We start by determining soil condition, grass type, lawn weeds and pests. From there we design a year-round plan to give your lawn exactly what it needs during the growing season.

Your Ameriturf Lawn Care Program Includes:

• Free Lawn Analysis to help customize a Program for your Lawn's needs
• Services provided at key stages throughout the year
• Fertilization
• Crabgrass and Weed control
• Protection against lawn-feeding insects

Specialized Services Include:

Fertilization - Lawns need a steady supply of nutrients over time to be as healthy as possible. The fertilizer used by Ameriturf helps to ensure that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs steadily throughout the year.

Weed Control - Let's face it; Weeds are an unsightly part of many lawns. This is why Ameriturf's Lawn Care Program is designed to rid your lawn of these pests. Weed control is built in to your Lawn plan at the optimal time in the growing season. Spring applications of pre-emergent for crabgrass are also applied to prevent crabgrass from showing up. Additionally we will continue to control weeds that pop up during the growing season.

Lawn-Feeding Insect Control - Insects such as chinch bugs and bill bugs can literally eat away entire patches of your lawn. For this reason we offer applications that control these turf damaging insects.

Core Aeration And Seeding - Core aeration helps open up thatchy turf and also reduces soil compaction. Aeration is also important because it allows air, water, and fertilizer to better reach the root zone. Once the core plugs are pulled from the soil, we go over the areas and spread a high quality turf type tall fescue grass seed. We schedule this service during the fall as weather permits.

Lime - If used correctly, lime replenishes nutrients (calcium and possibly magnesium) to the soil, allowing healthy grass to grow. The alkalinity of the lime also corrects the drift toward acidic soil. Lime also reduces the toxic nature of aluminum, iron and manganese, which, if they start to dissolve, can poison your lawn. Lime regulates other elements that are nutrients for grass and other plants, such as zinc, copper and phosphorous. We offer this beneficial service during early winter months.

Targeted Insect Control - These targeted services help reduce warm weather populations of nuisance insects like fleas, ticks, and spiders. This application is designed to reduce active pest populations help prevent insect populations from building back up to the nuisance level.

Grub Control - White grubs can destroy the root system of your lawn. This is why we offer a proactive approach to prevent the infestation of white grubs.

Nutsedge Control - Yellow Nutsedge is a common weed found in many home lawns and other turfgrass areas in Ohio. The color, growth habit, and rapid growth rate make yellow nutsedge a prominent distraction in the aesthetics of high quality lawns. Ameriturf offers a post emergent control of this weed.

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